Welding Procedure Development for Non-Welding Engineers

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Learn and follow the process used by welding engineers to developed welding procedures

NOTE: This is an eBook available for immediate download, it is not a physical product

will help the user understand how each of the welding variables affects the weld. Easy to understand language (no fancy engineering terms) is used to provide the knowledge necessary to make informed decisions.

This eBook will guide you through the selection of the following variables when developing a welding procedure specification:

  • Amperage
  • Voltage
  • Filler metal
  • Travel Speed
  • Travel and Work Angles
  • Shielding Gas or Flux
  • Welding Process
  • Welding Position
  • Joint Types
  • Preheat (when to preheat and to what temperature)
  • Interpass Temperature
  • Post Weld Heat Treatment
  • And many more

is more than a simple guide on how to select the right welding parameters for a given application. By providing detailed explanations of how welding variables affect the weld, the basics of many topics are learned by the user. Some of these topics include:

  • Welding metallurgy
  • Cooling rates
  • Preheat requirements
  • Post weld heat treatment requirements
  • Mechanical properties of the weld
  • Distortion
  • Deposition rates
  • Welding defects

These topics don't have specific sections. Rather, they are covered and explained when they are relevant to the specific welding procedure development task. This way, only information relevant to the selection of specific variables is provided. 

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Welding Procedure Development for Non-Welding Engineers

2 ratings